Residential Services

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Watson Plumbing, Inc. is proud to provide plumbing systems that supply comfort and protect the health of families across East Texas. With over 30 years’ experience in residential plumbing design and installation, you can feel confident in selecting Watson Plumbing, Inc. as the plumbing contractor on your residential project. We have completed single and multi-family dwellings, large custom homes, condominiums, apartments, and more. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Preconstruction Services
  • Drainage, Waste, Vent, Domestic Water & Natural Gas System Design & Install
  • State Certified for Customer Service Inspections (CSI) on Cross Connection Prevention –
    Allows us to assess risks of cross connections and approve back flow prevention devices
  • State Certified to Test Backflow Prevention Devices


1. What is needed to obtain a price?

We will need a floor plan showing the plumbing locations, and ideally, outside elevations. We need to know what appliances will be using gas, and will Natural Gas or Lp Gas be required. How many heating units will be used? The best approach is to make an appointment and review plans with us in person, leaving us a copy of the floor plan. Most bids will be completed in one business day.

2. Do you furnish fixtures?

We no longer furnish fixtures for residential construction. However, we will warranty labor on fixtures bought from Coburn’s Supply as a courtesy and incentive for you to buy all your materials from the same supplier. Should you buy fixtures elsewhere, they will need to be on the job prior to our arrival to avoid extra trips and labor charges.

3. Can I make changes to job as we progress?

Yes, these changes will need to be requested in writing. If extra charges apply, we will need your written approval of the extra cost before proceeding.

4. Copper or Pex?

Pex has become the industry standard for residential plumbing. We provide Viega brand Pex, but also remain proficient with completing copper piping installs upon request.

5. Do you recommend hot water circulating systems?

We feel that most applications using low volume faucets benefit tremendously from a circulating hot water system, and on larger homes we almost always recommend it.

6. Recommendation on a tankless water heater for my home?

Tankless water heaters have proven to be proficient and are becoming standard in residential construction. We recommend State Tankless water heaters but will install other brands upon request.

7. What about scheduling work?

We prefer 10 days’ notice on each phase of your job but will schedule your job for the first available date if this is not provided.

8. Do you need electricity on the job site?

Yes. We do not provide generators unless prior notice is given and you agree to extra expense.

9. Upon completion of framing, who should be the next trade on the job?

We like to go in with the A/C contractor prior to the electrician, alarm, central vacuum or other trades because plumbing needs to be on grade and in specific locations.