Water Filtration

Carbon Filtration

Carbon filtration systems can absorb chlorine present in the water and is an effective treatment for filtering out specific organic contaminants and chemical impurities.

These filters are popular because they offer a quick and inexpensive solution to water filtration. Activated carbon filters increase the quality of the water and reduce bad taste and odor by removing chemicals while also leaving behind minerals which your body requires for good health.

If you own a carbon filtration system, it is important to replace the filters regularly as they will not work properly when saturated with impurities. Regular maintenance will also help you prevent any issues that may appear and ensure that your purifier is working properly.

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Water Softeners

Hard water describes water that contains a relatively high amount of minerals that can result in a number of problems. Homeowners that know they have hard water should consider having a water softener installed to prevent future issues and save money.

Water softeners are water filtration systems that increase the quality of your water by using salts to neutralize damaging minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, making your water safe to use and drink. If you suspect your home may have hard water, one of our professional plumbers can help you find a custom solution that meets your needs. 

Key signs that can indicate a hard water issue in your home:

  • Mineral build-up around water fixtures
  • Soap scum on bathtub, curtains or doors
  • Water heater elements fail and short heater life
  • Dull scratchy clothing
  • Dry itchy skin after showering 
  • White spots or cloudiness on dishes and glassware

If you already have a water softener filter installed and you notice your softener might not be working properly, call one of our plumbers and we will be ready to help you.

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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filtration removes microorganisms, chemicals, as well as any organic matter by pushing water forcefully through a membrane surface. This process is highly effective and removes most of the unnecessary particles and chemicals in the water, producing water that is low-sodium and low-mineral while providing a good taste. 

Like any other type of filtration system, Reverse Osmosis water systems need maintenance to keep working properly. 

Our plumbers have the experience necessary to deal with any issue you are having with your RO system. If you want to install a Reverse Osmosis filtering system in your home, need membrane services, replacement parts, repairs or just preventative maintenance in Tyler and nearby areas, we are the right people for the job.

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